DIO: Exploring an AR-based toolkit to enable shared, multi-user constructions for STEM

DIO is a novel digital-physical construction toolkit to enable constructionist learning for children from age group 8-12 years. The toolkit comprises of dome-shaped (D) tangible modules with various attachments that allow suspension on the body of multiple children and/or in the environment to support a variety of sensing/input (I), actuation/output (O) functionalities. The modules are enabled for wireless communication and can be linked together using an Augmented Reality based programming interface running on a smartphone. The smartphone recognizes our hemispherical modules omnidirectionally through novel computer vision based 3D patterns; custom made to provide logical as well as semantic encoding. Owing to its unique form-factor, the toolkit enables multi-user constructions for the children and offers a shared learning experience. We also designed a social scaffolding based procedure to engage children with such constructionist toolkits effectively.



Children engaging with constructions formed by connecting DIO input modules (red) with output modules (blue)



DIO toolkit design [A: Module components, B: Attachments, C: Pattern design, D: Different input, output modules]


Children connect the input, output modules by drawing a “line” in Augmented reality



Children presenting their constructions during user study


Arora, J., Mathur, K., Goel, M., .., Parnami, A. 2019. Design and Evaluation of DIO Construction Toolkit for Co-making Shared Constructions. To appear in ACM Proceedings on Interactive, Mobile, Wearable and Ubiquitous Technologies. IMWUT, December 2019. ACM, New York, NY. doi>10.1145/3369833